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Triathlon & Cycling Camps

Swim - Bike - Run at Lanzarote
14-24 March 2024



Set a Solid Base For the Season

Every year in February, we head to Lanzarote to kickstart our training for the upcoming season. Join our unique and fun camps and swim, bike, and run together with us

Swim - Bike - Run

In our Triathlon camp, you will improve your speed, endurance, and technique for all three sports.  Additionally, we help you understand which training you would benefit most from. This way, we can fine-tune your strengths and improve your weaknesses. 


Eat Well - Sleep Well

Eating well and getting lots of sleep are essential to get the most out of a training camp. The villa that we rentis in a quite area where you can get a good night rest Additionally we cook all the food ourselves to ensure healthy balanced meals to support our recovery.

Build Everlasting Friendships

When we go to a camp we go to train, but we do not forget to have fun. The friendships that you build through the common passion you have, is very unique and last for a long time.



We aim for a price of CHF 1500.- for 10 days per person. This price includes accommodation, food, training, pool entry, and airport transfer.

From Our Previous Camps

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