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The Journey to Success!

Tailored and personalized training plans are essential for achieving success in endurance sports. While our bodies may function similarly, we have different physical limitations and strengths. Additionally, our individual commitments and time availability vary greatly. To truly excel, consistency is key, and that can only be achieved when training is enjoyable, motivating, and seamlessly integrates with our other responsibilities.

As your coach, my purpose is to share my passion for endurance sports with you, providing training sessions that are not only effective but also uplifting. I understand the importance of maintaining optimal energy levels and avoiding exhaustion. That's why I carefully design weekly plans that strike a perfect balance, keeping your enthusiasm high while ensuring you have high energy for all your commitments.

To ensure the utmost dedication to your progress, I maintain an extremely close relationship with my athletes, fostering regular and open communication. By limiting the number of athletes I work with, I can invest time and attention into tailoring each training plan to your specific needs and goals.

With this approach, I aim to create an environment where you can thrive, finding joy and fulfillment in your endurance training journey. We will embark on a path that prioritizes consistency, enjoyment, and a harmonious balance with your other commitments. Let's unlock your true potential and achieve greatness while keeping your passion alive.


If this approach speaks to you, reach out to me and lets have a chat about your needs and expectations. 

+41 (0) 78 711 83 50

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