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to an Active Employee Experience

Let us help you create a unique and active employee experience

Physical activity at work can be a great way to improve your health and happiness. It can help you feel more positive and productive, build new friendships and networks, and foster a sense of community. Are you ready to get started? Join us today!

Have a quick overview of our most popular offerings below, or reach out to us to find out more


Preparation and Participation at Sports Events

Zurich Marathon, B2R, Greifenseelauf, Company Triathlons, Relay or Bike Races... Get the perfect preparation for your employees and improve their physical health and social connectedness.


Healthy Meetings - Conferences

Well-Being components at your conference makes a significant difference to participants' energy level. 

These activities also serve as ice-breakers between participants. 

Let it be running groups, yoga or meditation classes, health checks, step challenges, or any other idea you have; we can support you in bringing them to life. 


On or Off Site Group Wellbeing Activities

Let us help you organize regular activities for your employees' physical, social, and emotional health. 

We can help you set up Yoga classes, choirs, breathing or pilates groups. 

We can also support you in introducing employee-led fitness programs. 

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On-Site Health Checks

Employees love to get an employer sponsored health check.

Health checks are also very impactful ways of creating awareness as employees get to see concretley their health status and get actionable feedback from our doctors and well-being experts.


Sports Event and Activities For Employees

Are you planning events for your employees where you want to promote physical activity? 

Let us help you organize sports days, family days or internal competitions. 

Walking Club

Step Challenges

One of our favorite offerings, next to the health checks. Step challenges are very inclusive as people from any fitness level can participate.

They are also great to link to team-building activities or charity events. 

We will support you with the whole design, communication and execution of a step challenge

Custom Offerings For Your Needs!

Every company has their own challenges, and we can tailor our programs to match your needs 



Health Checkups and Analysing Excisting Data

We start with comprehensive health checkups for your employees to identify individual needs and risks.

Additionally, we can analyze existing data you have, such as employee surveys, and absenteeism data, and can identify elements impacting your employees' well-being negatively. 


Develop The Program and Enroll Offerings

Once we have identified your needs, we create an action plan to help you achieve your goals for a more productive, healthier workforce.

The action plan includes offerings and activities to help tackle the health issues identified through our analyses.


Specialised Services for Speacialized Needs

We offer specialist services such as stress management, nutritional advice, and more.

We offer these services both for individuals and for teams.

These offerings target your employees' special needs and are highly appreciated by the participants.



"A sound mind in a sound body"

Physical Well-Being Sets The Foundation

Physical well-being is not compensating for organizational weaknesses, however, it can be supportive in improving employees' energy levels and becoming more resilient. This can help employees deal with their daily stress better.

In all offerings, we are committed to your custom needs. We provide you with transparent and easy-to-implement offerings and always aim for a win-win-win approach where all stakeholders involved are a winner. 

Our Long-Term Partnerships



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